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The CloudPress platform is optimized to build and deploy new professional quality web pages as rapidly as possible. This means we are able to maintain a very fast turnaround time on new orders and get your new landing page online quickly.

Worry free WordPress sites

We take care of all the server setup and administration for you so you can focus your attention on running your organization, not on running your website. Our intuitive signup form will guide you through gathering all the information we need to build your site, and then we’ll do the rest!

Managed SEO & A/B Testing

Your hosting cost includes a monthly checkup on your landing page analytics. We routinely monitor the performance of your page, adjust copy for keyword performance, and modify split tests to improve conversion rates – all as part of our regular service.

Put your landing page marketing on autopilot

Never worry about security updates or database backups with CloudPress LP.  We monitor server security and handle updates and backups  for you.  We also install and manage marketing automation sequences on your CloudPress LP landing page for you through CloudPress Campaigns.

Marketing automation built in

CloudPress LP comes with one CloudPress Campaign included!  Select from any of our campaign options available, and we integrate it into your landing page for you.

Professional Features, Affordable Prices

These are all standard features included with every CloudPress LP order!


Rapid Design, Development, & Deployment

Our easy and intuitive order form helps you to gather all the information we need to build you a top quality landing page.  Once your order is submitted, it usually takes us under 48 hours to turn that information into a new webpage for you!


WordPress Hosting, Updates, & Backups

Never give server administration another thought!  We take care of everything from server hosting, site security, software updates, and database backups for you.


Custom Domain Name & SSL Certificate

We register a top level domain name and an SSL certificate for your landing page, and keep them both renewed and active for as long as you remain a CloudPress LP subscriber.


Monthly SEO Checkup

We monitor the search engine performance and visitor conversion rate of your landing page as part of your subscription.  We update A/B split tests of your page content to help improve these rates over time, and send you a monthly report with our results.


Integrated Marketing Automation

CloudPress LP includes any one CloudPress Campaign of your choosing.  This campaign is installed, configured, monitored, and managed for you as part of your CloudPress LP setup cost.


Extend with CloudPress Campaigns

You can further extend the functionality of your landing page by purchasing additional CloudPress Campaigns.  Your CloudPress LP page will support as many different campaigns as you want.

So How Much Does It Cost?

Setup Cost

Pay only $99 today to launch your own CloudPress LP landing page.

Monthly Subscription

If you like your CloudPress LP page,
keep it for just $49 a month.

Add New Campaign

Extra CloudPress Campaigns can be
added to your landing page for $79.

Launch your landing page with CloudPress LP today!